Are you READY to purchase a home to call your own but need a little help coming up with the money to make it happen? CAFA's Grant Programs provide qualified homebuyers with Grant Funds that can be used for downpayment, closing costs, prepaid items and even for assistance with Private Mortgage Insurance costs!

CAFA is excited to announce that INCOME LIMITS HAVE BEEN LIFTED in Louisiana Federally Declared Disaster Census Tracts on the Freddie Mac HFA Advantage Conventional loan product offered through all three of CAFA's Grant Programs!
This means that CAFA can now help many more Louisiana families who are looking to turn their homeownership dreams into their reality! Have your downpayment saved but need a little help with your private mortgage insurance? No Problem... CAFA can help with that too - CAFA's Conventional Loan Product ALSO has discounted private mortgage insurance coverage! If you are still recovering from a disaster and looking for 100% financing options - CAFA can help YOU too!

TO GET STARTED and to find out if you qualify - contact one of CAFA's Approved Lenders listed on any of CAFA's three Grant Programs below.